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i'm tyrell brown. mitt romney wraps up his visit to israel this morning. he was open to moving the u.s. embassy there. breaking a long-held u.s. policy in tell-a-viv. israel is the second stop to strengthen the foreign policy credentials. yesterday, on face the nation, romney told gm crawford his foreign policy will be based on "resolve, clarity and confidence." >> i believe as people will look at me, they'll see a person who has dealt with a number of very difficult and challenging circumstances and i've been able to successfully navigate through those and create greater strength and opportunity. >> we go to susan mcguiness. >> good morning, tyrell. before leaving israel, romney stressed that keeping iran from acquiring nuclear weapons should be this nation's highest priority.
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but he stopped short of endorsing israeli military action. >> reporter: mitt romney is on his way to poland. he'll try to invoke the symbolism of the cold war there. romney is fresh off a trip to israel. sunday, romney delivered a speech with tough talk aimed at iran. >> the regime is five years closer to developing nuclear weapons capability. preventing that outcome must be our highest national security priority. >> reporter: israelly prime minister, a personal friend of romneys, said the push for sanctions against iran isn't working. >> all of the zngss so far have not set back the iran yan program by one ioda. >> reporter: the white house maintains the sanctions are crippling. president obama has sent secretary of defense to meet with leaders there this week to reconfirm the strategy regarding iran. >> when the united states,
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israel and the international community remain unified in opposition against iran, that's the best way to convince iran to pull back from what they're doing. >> in an interview with cbs' jan crawford, he left many wondering if he agreed with an aide that the governor military strike on iran. >> i don't want to be creating new foreign policy for my country or in any way distance myself in the foreign policy of our nation. >> reporter: romney says all options should be available if diplomatic efforts fail. and among those traveling with romney to israel, billionaire american businessman sheldo sheldon addison. he has vowed to spend upwards of $100 million for the cause of beating president obama. >> the democratic party could announce as early as today that
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former president bill clinton will play a significant role at the democratic national convention in charlotte, north carolina in september. make the case that mr. obama has the best economic vision. the presidential election is less than 100 days away. the federal election commission reports nine single candidate super pacts with the local action committee. super packs are allowed to spend unlimited sums to raise from individuals. the pro-romney super back restore spent $60 million. two president-obama packs spent $26 million. at least 21 individuals kriblted $1 million or more to the pro-romney campaign. 11 to pro-president obama. james holmes is due back in court today. prosecutors are expected to read the more than 100 charges against the former doctoral stunt. holmes is accused of killing 12
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people and injuring 258 others and boobie trapping his apartment with explosives. >> reporter: james holmes could face first-degree murder charges for each of the 12 people who were killed inside the theater. but a former prosecutor says holmes probably won't face an additional homicide charge after one of the wounded victims suffered a miscarriage. the family of ashley moser says she lost her unborn child over the weekend. another lost to the family after moser's 6-year-old daughter, veronica, was killed in the attack. >> she came to one time and screamed, "where's my baby?" i loved her for two years. i helped raise veronica for two years. and now they're gone. >> reporter: when holmes appeared in court last week, he appeared drowsy fuelling speculation that defense may try to plead insanity.
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>> this is a classic case where it's going to be his mental state during the process and his mental state at the time that he committed these acts and the time leading up to the commission of the act. >> reporter: holmes was being treated by a psychiatrist at the university of colorado, denver, where he was a student. dr. lynn fenton was the intended recipient of a package allegedly sent by holmes to the school. sources say it included a letter that holmes described shooting people. holmes's attorney says the letter never should have became public. >> this morning, there are some questions about holmes' psychiatrist. records show dr. lynn fenton was disciplined of prooibing drugs to her husband, a co-worker and herself. some of the shooting victims remain hospitalized this morning. a fund for the victims grew to more than $3 million over the weekend. back overseas and what may be
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the decisive battle in the syrian civil war. heavy fighting is reported there this morning. government forces are pounding the city to oust rebel fighters. a u.n. official says 200,000 people have fled aleppa. >> reporter: demolished tanks and rub el littered the streets after syrian troops pounded areas led by rebel forces. troops say they have recaptured part of the country's largest city. u.s. defense secretary said assad's latest attack is that the government's holds rule. >> i think ultimately, will be a nail in assad's coffin. >> assad's regime had been struggling to maintain power after rebels made major advances in syria's two largest cities.
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but on sunday, government forces declared victory in damascus. a challenge for the rebels. >> the key right now is to continue to bring that prshl on syria. to provide assistance to the opposition and to provide whatever kind of humanitarian aid we can. >> despite the latest battle, both sides show little sign of getting up. >> we'll take a quick break on a monday morning. when we come back, big blackouts. hundreds of millions are plunged into darkness when india's power grid shuts down. this is the "cbs morning news" this is "cbs morning news." icaffeine conditioning complex, perks up the look of eyes. it works in the blink of an eye. t thankso hotwir
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nearly 9 inches of rain fell since friday. in northern india this morning, power is slowly being restored after a massive sunday blackout. more than 300 million people were left without electricity when the country's entire northern power grid failed. the blackout affected india's capital, new deli. investors look for signs of hope from the fed and cut rate prices on maine lobsters. did it come out right? >> i don't know, fred. good morning, tyrell. investors are holding on hope that the european central bank takes action to guard against the continent's debt crisis. that optimism led to a positive day in overseas trading. in hong kong, up more than 1% and the nikkei nearly 1%. nissan wednesday, most economists believe the central bank will announce new steps to boost the fragile economy. a strong finish on friday could
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stock pack a critical benchmark for the week. the dow added 253 points, most of that on friday. the nasdaq gained 32. federal air safety regulators have opened up an investigation into the boeing 787 dream liner. one of the jets had an engine problem that caused a fire friday in south carolina. it was undergoing pre-flight testing when it happened. it finally delivered one of the jets last year after several years of delays. and this might be the summer to splurge on lobster. warm temperatures and conservation measures have led to one of the strongest lobster harvest in years. but the abundance has driven down prices to a 40-year low. not good news for the fishermen harvesting those lobsters, but pretty good news for those of us who like to eat them. that's what's for dinner.
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>> let's check your national forecast. thunderstorms across much of the nation. severe storms and heavy rain are most likely from the upper great lakes to the carolina. the heat will be on again from kansas to north texas. and in the lower mississippi valley, highs will be in the high 90s and 100s. in sports this morning, a sunday thrill in the olympics and a solid showing for team usa in basketball. lebron james had 8 assists in a 98-71 victory over france. in swimming, dana vollmer set a new world record while taking the gold in the women's 100 meter butterfly. but the french win the gold as the americans settle for silver. that 1silver is the 17th medal f michael phelps' career. so after the second full day of competition, here is the medal count. china leading the way with 12
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total, italy, south korea and france round out the top five. one member of team usa deserves special mention. kim rhode won the medal in skeet shooting and set a record dating back to 1996 when she was still a teenager. medal record back in >> shooter kim rhode wore a smile and her new gold medal after accomplishing what no american ever has. she's the first to win medals at five consecutive olympic games in a non-team sport. >> it's just overwhelming. it's just something like you're pinching yourself. is this real? it's just incredible. it just seems like a dream. and there's just no words to describe it. i'm still kind of in shock. >> reporter: rhode is a california native who spends about 8 hours a day on the range, pulling the trigger nearly a thousand times each practice. we talk to rhode in california just before she headed to london. >> you know, the nerves haven't
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kicked in yet. >> reporter: winning her 5th medal was a different kind of challenge. this time, she had to use a new gun. the one rhode used most of her life and in the last four summer games was stolen after the 2008 o limp eks. police recovered it a year later but by then, an anonymous donor had already given her a new gun. >> to have everyone here to see it is just -- makes me cry. >> not bad. not bad. >> reporter: her proud coach is also her father. >> oh, we're on cloud nine. i mean, i can breathe now. >> reporter: rhode was just 17 when she scored her first medal and took aim at breaking the olympic record. now, 16 years later, she's letting her hair down before taking aim at a possible 6th olympic medal on saturday. cbs news, london. >> when we come back, no heart, no soul, but what a lifesaver. the robot that makes a world of
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here's a look at the weather. some cities around the country. in d.c., thunderstorms, 87 degrees. in atlanta, partly sunny skies, 94. denver, 91 degrees. mostly cloudy skies in seattle. 72 degrees. top stories now on a monday, republican presidential hopeful mitt romney leaves for poland this morning. in israel, romney had harsh words for iran and respected israel's right to protect itself. and james holmes, the suspected gunman in a colorado shooting spree is expected to be arraigned this morning. he's accused of killing 12 people and injuring several others. in the brave new world of 2012, robots are able to clean houses and do surgeries. now scientists have designed a
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model to do simple things that many of us otherwise probably would have taken for granted. >> close right hand vmt. >> reporter: in a lab deep in silicon valley, robots are being programmed to do household chores like folding laundry and folding socks. >> i think the robotic technology is awesome. >> layla tatian works on this robots. >> i've never been hugged by a robot before. >> reporter: making them less intimidating and more practical. but it's not housework that's placing these robots on the cutting age. it's what they've done for people like henry evans. he was left a quadriplegic left unable to speak. evans' wife, jane. >> i didn't know what was going to happen. i didn't know. he was literally trapped in his body. >> but evans recently became one of the first to test a personal
4:21 am
robot donated by willow garage to a team of scientists at georgia tech. with eye movement and his limited use of one finger, evans can now program the robot to help him shave, help him scratch and to get a towel. it all takes a lot of work and time for this clunky, 400 pound machine. >> reporter: why not just hire someone to help him? >> it's the difference between asking someone to do it for you versus doing it for yourself. >> reporter: for henry, doing anything independently was once unthinkable. >> when you see that sense of satisfaction, i mean, there's no words to describe it. it's amazing. i love the robot. the row bbot has helped my husb emerge into this person that i never dreamed possible. >> reporter: and opening up a world of endless posibilities. menlo park, california.
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. storm damage is still being assessed in new york in the aftermath of last week's tornado. at least 16 homes were left unlivable. construction standards could cut down on the construction of the severe weather. >> this is kind of how we all went down. >> mike hollowwell manages the lowes in north carolina rebuilt after a tornado's direct hit levelled the storm last year. the ef-3 tornado, packing winds of 165 miles per hour, collapsed the building's facade and three-fourths of its roof. 100 customers and employees running for cover. no one was killed. >> when i was about this area
4:25 am
right now, i was looking back and the roof was coming off behind me. >> that disaster was another example of the need for construction standards that can stand up to severe weather. watch this test in the south carolina research hanger. two commercial buildings are battered by 100 fans blowing 135 mile per hour winds equal to a category 2 hurricane. the building on the left, common in american strip malls collapses. the one on the right with identical material but built to higher wind-resistant standards holds up. julie rossman is ceo of the insurance stiinstitute for busis and home safety. she says hurricane andrew, a $26 billion disaster, was a wake-up call. >> when the andrew came along, we could see how straps weren't conne connected.
4:26 am
>> reporter: the institute recently rated building codes in 18 hurricanes from texas to maine. florida and virginia earned the highest scores, in the 90s out of one hundred. mississippi the lowest, four out of one hundred. >> a lot of these states do not have statewide building codes. >> rossman says higher construction standards cost relatively little. on average, 5% more in construction costs. >> not a lot more money. a lot more safety. >> reporter: rebuilding mike hollowwell's store cost lowes $10 million. one quarter never reopen their doors. cbs news, atlanta. >> coming up after your local news on cbs this morning, the latest on suspected aurora, colorado gunman, james holmes. plus, cbs discovers amazing new information about president
4:27 am
obama's already diverse family background. and anderson cooper about his decision to return to the monday games. for now, though, that is the cbs morning news. i'm tyrell brown. take care, everybody. have a great day. i'm tyrell brown, take care, everybody, have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- -- captions by vitac --
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is another milestone in the construction of the new 49er stadium. been still beams will be
4:29 am
installed. well have another. the plan that will connect california. with a loss biggest low fog at the start this morning, higher temperatures coming their way will talk about the more coming up how low yurt morning drive is impacted time now is for 30. to date the first steel beams will be installed for the 49 stadium in santa clara. it is the latest milestone for the $1.1 billion project. there it framework is the right in this morning. and now the construction is a locked up, standing nearby on of the solid walk. as you mentionbe

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